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Misinterpreting words? June 03 2018

Ha!  Does this sound familiar?  Try a Simple Ear risk free.  

Stop Living in Silence May 03 2018


Check out this article.  It is time for you or your loved ones who can't hear to fully engage and life and avoid the consequences of not hearing well in life.  Simple Ear is a good affordable first step to better hearing. 

Why people won't use hearing aids February 16 2018

6 reasons why people won't wear any kind of a hearing aid

"Hearing Aids over the counter could help millions!" Yes. May 31 2017

Check out NPR article and podcast on over the counter hearing.   It's about time.  This is what Simple Ear is all about!  Great article and podcast NPR! 

$2384 or $599? June 24 2016

If you need a mild to moderate boost in your hearing as you get older, Simple Ear should be your first move. No doctor appointment or fitting required.   I saw a customer quote for a comparable prescription hearing aid at $2,384 vs. Simple Ear Advanced at $599....  same digital hearing aid product.  Simple Ear is an over the counter, top of the line digital hearing aid; we just preprogram it with a common prescription and save the customer a bundle of money.   Try Simple Ear first. 


US President's Council Recommends PSAPs like Simple Ear.. Help us spread the word. January 09 2016

 The US President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology studied the need for and access to hearing aids for normal aging people and report that over the counter Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs) like Simple Ear are the way to go for the future to give people affordable access to better hearing for mild to moderate hearing loss.  Simple Ear just pre-programs the best hearing aid technology with a common prescription... think of it as cheaters for your ears.   Here is the link to the President's Council's September 2015 report.

Don't expect hearing aid coverage from the Affordable Care Act August 16 2015

AARP publishes some of the ins and outs on the latest position of the ACA coverage of hearing aids.  (see link attached above.)  Even with discounts, hearing aides are expensive.  Try Simple Ear first and get a boost in your hearing.  They are professional hearing devices, just preprogrammed.... like cheaters for your ears. 

AARP Explains why hearing aids are so expensive. Try Simple Ear first August 05 2015

AARP has a good article on why hearing aids are so expensive.  Check out the article at

For an affordable solution, try Simple Ear first.   We cut the cost out of professional hearing devices by pre-programming them with a common prescription. Simple Ear is a high end digital hearing device ready to use out of the box. Too embarrassed to wear a hearing aid?   Simple Ear is easy to try... it's like "cheaters" for your ears.   Great way to get a boost in your hearing without at a far lower cost.  

When should you get a hearing test if you have a family history of hearing loss? March 02 2015

Our Take


Many people ignore the early signs of hearing loss, and frankly, it can be a hassle with our busy schedules for one more appointment to check our hearing when we are not even sure if we should be concerned.  This is a great article that provides great insights on who/when you should check your hearing.  Simple Ear has a very good FREE hearing test on our site (look for the link in the navigation) to get you started without the hassle of going to the doctor.  If the test indicates a severe problem, then you know you should schedule that doctor visit.

Check it out!

Genetics may play a role in your risk of developing age related hearing loss, according to several studies.

According to a study called Genetic Variation Linked to Age-Related Hearing Loss published on the website for the US National Institute on Aging, there is a link between a specific gene and hearing loss.

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New Aids for Aging Ears February 26 2015

Our Take

This article is right on point.  The cost of Hearing Aids has remained consistently high for many years while other devices have become less expensive in comparison.  Depending on the severity of your hearing loss, you may be able to get by with a Personal Sound Amplifying Product (PSAP) like ours that is a fraction of the cost of a medical grade hearing aid.  But it's important to determine the severity of your hearing loss and make sure you get the right device for you. 

Check it out!

Almost one in five persons older than 45 years has hearing loss. By ages 65 to 74, one third of the population falls into this category. Farmers rank second only to construction workers in terms of noise-induced hearing loss.

Although more than 30 million Americans experience significant hearing loss, only one third wear hearing aids.

Why? Although the cost of new technology generally declines over time, this isn't happening yet with digital hearing aids. A 2014 Consumer Reports article found a 117% average markup.


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A Story of Hearing Loss February 24 2015

I don't get  the stigma about wearing a hearing device... we where glasses and cheaters for reading without hesitation.  Simple Ear is like cheaters for your ears.  Stay engaged in life or you will get old.  Love Shari's honest story

Six tips for birding by ear January 21 2015

We have many Simple Ear customers who are avid bird watchers who use Simple Ear devices to help them hear better while birding.  We found this great article with 6 handy tips to bird by ear!  If you need a boost to your hearing, or just want an advantage to hearing those birds in the woods, check out our line of devices, and use those tips in this article.

Happy Birding!


Two Cornell Big Day birders and a tour leader tell how they learned to identify birds by ear — and you can too!

I arrived at Beaver Lake Bird Sanctuary a few minutes late, having hit the snooze button one too many times on an early June morning. The workshop, a survey of bird song hosted by a local tour company, had already started.

What I saw as I approached the assembly point made me question why I had signed up: birders standing in a circle, heads to the ground, wearing blindfolds, listening.

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PSAPs: To Beat Them, or to Join Them? January 16 2015

Simple Ear personal listening devices are small, discreet and stylish.  They look similar to a mobile phone receiver, and provide superb quality.  This great article from the New York Times talks about the increased popularity of Personal Listening Devices, and does a great job explaining the differences between them and FDA approved Hearing Aids.

Check it out!

People who strain to hear conversations in noisy places sometimes shun hearing appliances as telltale signs of aging. But what if those devices looked like wireless phone receivers? Some companies are betting that the high-tech look of a new generation of sound amplifiers will tempt people to try them.

Whatever you do, don’t call these amplifiers hearing aids. They are not considered medical devices like the ones overseen by the Food and Drug Administration and dispensed by professionals to aid those with impaired hearing. Rather, they are over-the-counter systems cleared by the F.D.A. for occasional use in situations when speech and other sounds are hard to discern — say, in a noisy restaurant or while bird-watching.

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Personal Sound Amplification Products Can Help Seniors Hear Better December 29 2014

What are "PSAP's"?  Often they are high quality sound amplifying, listening solutions similar to hearing aids, but because they are not an FDA approved medical device, they can be more affordable.  They are not replacements for hearing aids, but if you just need a boost to your hearing, they can be a more attractive solution.  This article does a great job explaining more about PSAP's and SimpleEar offers several models that may help you hear better.

A Hearing Aid for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Generation December 26 2014

Another great take on the issue of hearing loss within a whole generation of people who suffer from hearing loss, but have not done anything to improve their hearing.  Whether it's denial, or people just don't realize their hearing isn't as good as it once was, SimpleEar offers a solution.  An affordable listening device could be exactly what you need.  And if you are unsure about your hearing loss, SimpleEar offers an online hearing test as well.

When Hearing Aids Won’t Do December 21 2014

Here is a great article about the benefits of a Personal Sound Amplifying Product (or PSAP).  SimpleEar offers a high quality PSAP at an affordable price.  SimpleEar personal sound amplifiers are also easy to operate and almost invisible.  Hear better.  Be your best.

Hearing loss and Meetings September 30 2014

Not hearing all the right words in your meeting? Don't want to spend a fortune on a hearing aid?  Try Simple Ear.  It's a pre-programmed over the counter medical grade hearing device you can use in life situations that you need a boost in your hearing.  Try it today.


A hard of hearing person often finds it difficult and exhausting to participate in meetings with several people.

Below you will find advice on how to make attending meetings a more relaxed affair.


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Teaching With Hearing Loss September 30 2014

Not hearing all the right words in your class? Can't afford to spend a fortune on a hearing aid?  Try Simple Ear.  It's a pre-programmed over the counter medical grade hearing device you can use in life situations that you need a boost in your hearing. 60 day risk free trial .  Find us at


Teachers and lecturers who have hearing problems often find it difficult to continue teaching and lecturing. Hearing aids, which in certain conditions are very effective, sometimes prove useless in teaching situations.

In primary and elementary schools, the noise level from chatting and general background noise can make it difficult to use a wire loop, microphone or loudspeaker.


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Should I wear a helmet on the ski slopes? September 26 2014


Get the full experience and be safe skiing and in the outdoors.  Hear all the sounds with Simple Ear without spending a fortune.   Check them out at


Ski helmets may be getting more fashionable but, as the New York Times has reported, that doesn't mean brain injuries are getting less common. Michael Schumacher was wearing a helmet when he hit his head on a rock in Meribel just over a week ago but that didn't stop him sustaining a very serious head injury (although doctors said he would have died on the piste if he hadn't been wearing one).

A guide to wearing hearing aids in the workplace September 19 2014

Not hearing all the right words in your meeting? Don't want to spend a fortune on a hearing aid?  Try Simple Ear.  It's a pre-programmed over the counter medical grade hearing device you can use in life situations that you need a boost in your hearing.  Try it today.


There are many stigmas that surround wearing hearing aids, one of which is that only elderly people need to wear assistive listening devices. While one in three people over the age of 65 experience hearing loss, according to Hearing Loss Association of America, 60 percent of all people with hearing loss are in the work force or educational settings.


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Birding In The National Parks: Birding By Ear September 16 2014

Hear the birds better with Simple Ear . Try our affordable, over the counter hearing divise,

When I was first learning the basic skills of birding, I read a line in Roger Tory Peterson’s famous field guide that almost made me want to give up any aspirations of becoming a good birder. He said something about skilled birders sometimes doing 95 percent of their birding by ear. I was horrified. Here I was, looking through a field guide, imagining all of the pretty birds I would see some day, and Peterson was telling me I’d learn to do 95 percent of it by sound. That’s no fun at all!


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What helps people wear their hearing aids? Research from the Cochrane Collaboration September 12 2014

Not hearing the right words in the conversation? Don't want to spend a fortune on a hearing aid?  Try Simple Ear.  It's a pre-programmed over the counter medical grade hearing device you can use in life situations that you need a boost in your hearing.  Try it today.



Sorry for shouting; I know that’s not helpful, actually. I’m wearing mine, but then I can’t hear a thing without them, and if you can then it’s all more complicated.

So far from straightforward, in fact, that up to 40% of adults with acquired hearing loss who are issued with hearing aids fail to use them, or don’t use them to best effect. Important? You bet.


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Boy, 9, born with no ears is delighted with new pair made of cartilage from his ribs September 10 2014

Be grateful you have ears!  Hear better and be your best with Simple Ear.  Need a boost in your hearing, check us out at


A nine-year-old boy has been given a new pair of ears – made from his ribs.


Kieran Sorkin was teased at school after being born deaf and with nothing but small lobes where his ears should have been.

He ‘always wanted big ears’ and now surgeons at Great Ormond Street Hospital have granted his wish.

Tips for assisting employees with hearing loss during workplace meetings August 20 2014

Not hearing all the right words in your meeting? Don't want to spend a fortune on a hearing aid?  Try Simple Ear.  It's a pre-programmed over the counter medical grade hearing device you can use in life situations that you need a boost in your hearing.  Try it today.


For people with hearing loss, it can be difficult to hear in group settings, even for those who use hearing aids or other assistive listening devices. In the workplace, this translates into having difficulty during meetings. Make sure to check with your employees who are hard of hearing to get their perspective on what will help them the most.


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