Hearing Aid Devices: Improved Hearing Becomes Mainstream

Posted by Barbara Olson on

Only one out of five people with hearing loss actually benefit themselves by using a hearing aid device. Today Boomer and Seniors just can’t accept the fact that they have to deal a hearing loss and they just get by day in and day out straining to hear in everyday situations. Simple Ear is a new hearing solution founded because today it’s too much of an investment in time and money to get a hearing aid and it’s time more than 20% of people start to do something about their hearing problems. Recent research from the Better Hearing Institute indicates that more people would buy hearing aids today if the price was not more than $500 or they had insurance coverage. So, Simple Ear is a new affordable, professional-quality, pre-programmed hearing device that is breaking through an overpriced market. It’s a first solution for those who need a mild or moderate boost in their hearing.   But what’s the real difference versus a prescription hearing aid?   Two key things.

  • Simple Ear is technically a high quality, best in class hearing aid device that is pre-programmed with a widely common prescription. Because it’s pre programmed, it is considered a personal sound amplification product rather than a hearing aid. It should be effective for 85% of people. And because it’s preprogrammed and we cut out all the professional time and dispenser mark up required to get a hearing aid, it costs 50-80% less than comparable “mini” BTE (behind-the-ear”) or In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids. Simple Ear pre-programmed products range from $399 - $749 per hearing device vs. similar models for an average $1800- $3000 or more per unit.

  • The main difference between a hearing aid and a professional-quality, pre-programmed hearing device like Simple Ear is the customized vs. non-customized buying process.   The customized process for buying a hearing aid typically requires four steps, several appointments and waiting: 1)Evaluation, 2) testing, 3) trial period and 4) follow up visits. The process for buying a professional-quality, pre-programmed hearing device doesn’t require going to a doctor. You can order this product directly and it is ready to use “out of the box” enabling people to hear speech louder and clearer.   In either case, you need to adjust to wearing the device; it will take your brain a little time to get used to sound amplification.

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