Used Hearing Aids for Sale November 20 2013

Wow.  Have you ever checked out all of the used hearing aids for sale on eBay, Craig’s lists or other websites?  You can buy name brands, like Phonak, Beltone, and Starkey in a variety of styles, from “Behind the Ear” to “In the Ear” to “Receivers in the Canal” that originally retailed for thousands of dollars for pennies on the dollar.  

Why buy used hearing aids that were custom fit, through a prescription, for the original user?  You wouldn’t buy someone’s used prescription glasses, would you? 

Why risk buying used hearing aids that may be broken, dirty or just plain gross, when there are affordable, high-quality NEW hearing devices like Simple Ear, starting as low as $399?  Simple Ear is a best-in-class, state-of-the-art digital hearing device that is programmed based on decades of experience working with audiologists and prescription products that fits the prescription of over 85% of people, making it a “one size, fits all” product.

Unlike used hearing aids, Simple Ear products can be returned Risk-Free and you can get after-sale service and a warranty. To learn more, visit