Two Simple Ear Hearing Devices Are Better Than One

Posted by Barbara Olson on


You’ve heard the saying “two heads are better than one.”  Turns out two Simple Ear® hearing devices are, too.  Although you might be tempted to just purchase one  because of cost or just to “try it out,” studies show you won’t get the full benefits that a complete set can offer.

Most people need a hearing boost in both ears—so you’re shortchanging one of your ears if you opt for a single device. Besides this, hearing devices that work in pairs cooperatively deliver a truer hearing experience.

  • Better directional hearing. You’ll be better able to locate the source of sounds. With just one hearing device, it can be hard to know who is speaking.


  • No “head shadow” effect. When a sound is coming from your unaided side, it loses consonant sounds by the time it reaches the aided ear. This loss of frequency makes it harder to understand speech.


  • Less tiring. Let’s face it, hearing is hard work. You’ve may have noticed that having to listen hard to someone or something can be exhausting. Wearing only one instrument can still require you to strain.


  • A natural hearing experience. Your brain is naturally wired to receive sounds from both ears. When equally boosted, your ears are better able to reduce unwanted noise, plus two Simple Ear devices allows your brain to more effectively process speech.

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