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Ask any experienced birder, and they will tell you they rely most on hearing a bird to identify it more so than their ability to see it.  In the middle of summer, the forest often is thick with vegetation, and when birds are still, it becomes incredibly hard to spot them regardless of how bright their colors are.  Fortunately, even if they remain still, birds often will call to each other to communicate to other birds that they have spotted something in the woods, or to call a young one back to its parent.  Using their vocalizations to identify what kind of bird it is, and then where that bird is can ultimately make or break your birding experience. 

Learning to identify a bird by it’s song takes a lot of practice and time in the field.  It is possible to learn online by listening to recordings of birds, but it is probably not feasible to memorize all the bird sounds, and then heading off in to the woods to begin spotting them.  It may be easier to select a few birds that you are most interested in watching based on the region you are in, listening to various sounds they make, and then focusing on identifying those birds in the woods.  Narrowing the scope of the birds you wish to identify will limit any mis-identifications and make your experience more successful. 

There are lots of sources online that can help you learn to identify a bird by its sound (Click Here), but what if your hearing isn’t what it once was?  Or how would your time in the field benefit from being getting a boost in your listening range?  Listening devices such as a Simple Ear device can amplify the sounds around you and expand your hearing ability.  When we are out in the field birding, we would never be without help for our eyes to get a closer look at a bird in the distance, so why not use a device that can help you hear that bird in the distance better. 

Simple Ear aims to enhance your experience birding in the outdoors.  And you can always use the Simple Ear device at home or in the workplace too!

Happy Birding!

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