‘Blue Mind’ explores the calming effect that water has on people

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Wallace J. Nichols spent nearly two decades as a marine biologist studying Pacific Ocean sea turtles and working with fishermen in Baja California, Mexico, to protect the turtles from poachers. But in the past five years, he has turned a new page, delving into neuroscience, human behavior and what he calls the “blue mind.”

Nichols, who lives near Santa Cruz, Calif., has come to believe that the best way to protect the oceans and its denizens is to make people value the good feelings that arise from being around water. Since 2011, he has organized a yearly “Blue Mind” conference bringing together researchers studying the human brain and the marine world. His new book, “Blue Mind,” combines personal stories and research studies to describe the healing power of water. He recently spoke by telephone with The Post.


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