How nature soothes: Involuntary attention gives your brain a break

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Be your best and enjoy all the sounds of nature was Simple Ear. There are great benefits for enjoying nature… read on from the University of Michigan scientists.


Outdoor activities like kayaking down the Huron River are good for you in two ways: The exercise will help strengthen your body, and the exposure will help calm your mind.


Horticulturist Adrienne O'Brien has known for years about the restorative powers of nature.


"When I work outside, it's always a stress reliever," said O'Brien, who works at the University of Michigan's Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum. "If something's bothering me, I can think through it."


University of Michigan scientists recently found that in addition to being relaxing, spending time in nature also can help improve people's memory and attention span. The improvement happens partly because paying attention to nature is involuntary, said Marc Berman, lead author of a paper on the research.


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