PSAPs: To Beat Them, or to Join Them?

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Simple Ear personal listening devices are small, discreet and stylish.  They look similar to a mobile phone receiver, and provide superb quality.  This great article from the New York Times talks about the increased popularity of Personal Listening Devices, and does a great job explaining the differences between them and FDA approved Hearing Aids.

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People who strain to hear conversations in noisy places sometimes shun hearing appliances as telltale signs of aging. But what if those devices looked like wireless phone receivers? Some companies are betting that the high-tech look of a new generation of sound amplifiers will tempt people to try them.

Whatever you do, don’t call these amplifiers hearing aids. They are not considered medical devices like the ones overseen by the Food and Drug Administration and dispensed by professionals to aid those with impaired hearing. Rather, they are over-the-counter systems cleared by the F.D.A. for occasional use in situations when speech and other sounds are hard to discern — say, in a noisy restaurant or while bird-watching.

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