Six tips for birding by ear

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We have many Simple Ear customers who are avid bird watchers who use Simple Ear devices to help them hear better while birding.  We found this great article with 6 handy tips to bird by ear!  If you need a boost to your hearing, or just want an advantage to hearing those birds in the woods, check out our line of devices, and use those tips in this article.

Happy Birding!


Two Cornell Big Day birders and a tour leader tell how they learned to identify birds by ear — and you can too!

I arrived at Beaver Lake Bird Sanctuary a few minutes late, having hit the snooze button one too many times on an early June morning. The workshop, a survey of bird song hosted by a local tour company, had already started.

What I saw as I approached the assembly point made me question why I had signed up: birders standing in a circle, heads to the ground, wearing blindfolds, listening.

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