A Story of Hearing Loss

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A common story... many people struggle with wanting to hide their hearing loss, or don't want to accept that there may be an issue.  If you want to take a hearing test that is discreet, no hassle, and from the comfort of your own living room, check out our hearing test link.  You don't have to just "get by", you can get hearing help for a fraction of the cost of a hearing aid with one of our listening devices. 


My name is Shari Eberts and I have a hearing loss. This is a simple statement, but one that is 20 years in the making. It has taken me some time to accept my hearing loss, and to stop hiding it. I have now come full circle and consider myself a hearing health advocate! I even write a blog to share my experiences with and tips for living with hearing loss and tinnitus, which has been extremely therapeutic. Here is my story. I hope it helps you to live more peacefully with your own hearing loss.

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