New Aids for Aging Ears

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This article is right on point.  The cost of Hearing Aids has remained consistently high for many years while other devices have become less expensive in comparison.  Depending on the severity of your hearing loss, you may be able to get by with a Personal Sound Amplifying Product (PSAP) like ours that is a fraction of the cost of a medical grade hearing aid.  But it's important to determine the severity of your hearing loss and make sure you get the right device for you. 

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Almost one in five persons older than 45 years has hearing loss. By ages 65 to 74, one third of the population falls into this category. Farmers rank second only to construction workers in terms of noise-induced hearing loss.

Although more than 30 million Americans experience significant hearing loss, only one third wear hearing aids.

Why? Although the cost of new technology generally declines over time, this isn't happening yet with digital hearing aids. A 2014 Consumer Reports article found a 117% average markup.


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