When should you get a hearing test if you have a family history of hearing loss?

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Many people ignore the early signs of hearing loss, and frankly, it can be a hassle with our busy schedules for one more appointment to check our hearing when we are not even sure if we should be concerned.  This is a great article that provides great insights on who/when you should check your hearing.  Simple Ear has a very good FREE hearing test on our site (look for the link in the navigation) to get you started without the hassle of going to the doctor.  If the test indicates a severe problem, then you know you should schedule that doctor visit.

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Genetics may play a role in your risk of developing age related hearing loss, according to several studies.

According to a study called Genetic Variation Linked to Age-Related Hearing Loss published on the website for the US National Institute on Aging, there is a link between a specific gene and hearing loss.

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