Where do you fall in the "speech banana"?

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Ever heard of the Speech Banana?  This chart shows how people loose particular sounds.  Pitch (that is low to high pitch sounds on the top of the chart) and Loudness along the side of the chart.    The dotted line is normal hearing.  As you move down the chart below the dotted line, you need a boost in your hearing.  People tend to lose the ability to hear and interpret particular sounds.  See the blue shaded area call the "Speech Banana" where conversational sounds are noted.    For example, men tend to lose high pitch sounds first on the right side of the chart, which by the way, is often the voice of their spouse.  She wants him to listen and be heard but he may actually have trouble hearing her voice or catching the right sounds in her words.   Does this sound like your situation?  

You will see other typical sounds... like a dog barking in the louder, low pitch area.   If you can't hear a dog bark, go see an audiologist.  If however, you just need a boost in your hearing for conversation, watching TV, going out with friends, Simple Ear is designed to boost hearing within the "speech banana".  

Check out our professional quality personal hearing products at an affordable price.  Hear Better.. Be your Best. 


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