What if you're not sure if I need a boost in your hearing?

Posted by Barbara Olson on

Some people think they or their spouse need a boost in their hearing but just aren't sure.  If you misinterpret conversations, need to crank up the volume on the TV or find yourself saying "what" all the time, these are telling signs. Below is a link to an online hearing test.  It's not perfect but very good.   If you need a mild or moderate boost in your hearing (up to 50 decibels), Simple Ear is an affordable professional level, pre-programmed product you can easily try.  Use Simple Ear regularly (that is, every day for 30 days for a 3-4 hours to let your brain adjust) and see if it helps you hear voices louder and clearer.  If not, you just send it back to us and we'll give you a full refund on your Simple Ear products.  

Check out this hearing test.  It's fun to take. 


Thanks for listening.  

Hear Better and BE YOUR best. 

Barb@simple ear

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