Why people won't use hearing aids

Posted by Barbara Olson on

I read a good article about why people will not wear hearing aids.   These 6 things below sum it up.  

1)  The Stereotype of Getting Old... it's hard to admit when you are getting older, even in our fifties

2)  New Challenge-- learning how to use a hearing aid is new.  (Simple Ear makes the whole process super simple but it's still a new device.)

3)  Association with a Disability--  I think this is self imposed but people think they look like they are disabled if they wear a hearing aid.   I think you are more disabled if you can't hear!

4)  Cosmetic-- you don't think you look good wearing a hearing aid.  

5)  High cost--  a typical digital hearing aid can cost $3500 per unit.  And they are usually not covered by insurance.  No kidding.  (Simple Ear really helps on this front.  If you can use our over-the-counter, preprogrammed hearing aid, you can save a bundle...  up to 80% savings.) 

6)  Unrealistic Expectations-- hearing aids don't replace your hearing.  They can help you but they are not a perfect replacement for your natural hearing loss.  

Life is too short not to be fully active in it.  Simple Ear is your first affordable step to get a boost in your hearing.   Find out what you're missing in life. 






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