Elan, single ear

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The Elan is a preprogrammed "Behind the Ear" device.  It is identical to the Elan Custom hearing aid, except that it is preprogrammed rather than being custom programmed.  There is extra expense and hassle involved in getting an in-office audiogram and installing custom programming, which many people prefer to avoid.  If, for some reason the preinstalled hearing programs are not right for you, the Elan is easily reprogrammed at a later date, essentially becoming an Elan Custom at that point.  Available in beige and silver.

Includes Elan device, 2 tubes, an assortment of tips, 4 batteries, cleaning wire and cleaning brush, and an instruction manual.

For a list of specifications, see "Compare Products" (with the apples) on the Home Page.

For more information about using the Elan, see the Elan Manual under the menu "FAQ & More."