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About Us



I started Simple Ear to honestly help people and help fill a growing need. I know, it sounds like a cliché but that is the truth. It’s about:

  • Helping family and friends stay fully in tune with life. So many people don’t want to look old but it’s worse when you “act old” and can’t stay in the conversation of life or hear the music.
  • Making better hearing easy and affordable. There is great technology today to help people get a boost in their hearing but much of it is too expensive. We’ve picked some of the best quality hearing products and pre-programmed them to work for most people based upon decades of prescription data. This is what makes them affordable and accessible and they should work well for over 85% of people that need a boost in their hearing.
  • Giving Back to Others. I am active and involved with non-profits that help give disadvantaged youth and families greater opportunities to succeed in life. Many organizations, including those helping the hearing impaired, need financial resources to do their work. I feel called to give generously of my time and resources to help others in need. Simple Ear is a business committed to “giving back” generously. Know that when you use Simple Ear, you help yourself and others.

If you think you might need a boost in your hearing, check out our Free Online Hearing Test. (Find it on the home page top navigation tab.)  If you or a loved one needs a mild to moderate boost in your hearing, try Simple Ear.

Hear Better and Be Your Best.