Frequently Asked Questions

General Product Questions

What kinds of hearing devices does Simple Ear® sell?

Simple Ear® sells both custom programmed hearing aids and preprogrammed hearing devices.  All are high quality and we carry devices in various styles and colors.  Simple Ear® devices are not intended for minors or for those with severe or profound hearing loss.

Why choose preprogrammed or custom programmed?

Roughly 85% of people desiring better hearing can benefit from a preprogrammed hearing device.  Many prefer them because they do not involve the expense of getting a formal audiogram and paying for custom programming.  However, those with deformed or injured ears, as well as those with severe or profound hearing loss need to consult an audiologist or other licensed hearing professional for custom fitting and custom programming.  In addition, children need a more customized approach.

How can preprogrammed devices assist my hearing?

Our preprogrammed devices are made with digital software set to amplify the sound frequencies that aid the great majority of people the most. The advanced circuitry analyses all sounds and only amplifies the soft sounds which are most difficult to hear. You choose from preset modes and then have a manual volume control to change the levels until comfortable.  YOU are in control!

Do I need a prescription for Simple Ear hearing device?

No, a prescription is not necessary. For the Elan Custom, you will need to obtain an audiogram from a licensed hearing specialist before we can ship it to you.  All other Simple Ear® devices are available immediately and ready to use out of the box.

Will it damage my hearing?

Not at all. Simple Ear® devices do not amplify to dangerous levels. In fact, much of its value does not come from amplification at all, but rather from digital signal processing.  If your Simple Ear® makes sound uncomfortably loud, simply turn down the volume or put it in a different mode.

Will my device take some getting used to?

Yes. Adjusting to any new hearing device takes a little patience and a positive attitude. Your brain will need a little time to get used to using a hearing device. Use it for 3-4 hours at a time until you get comfortable and have adjusted to wearing it. Start in quieter environments if you can.

In what kinds of situations should I NOT use Simple Ear® products?

Do not use Simple Ear® devices during prolonged exposure to loud noises, like lawnmowers, motorcycles, discharging firearms, or using loud heavy industrial machinery.  Use protective hearing products in these situations.

Can I wear it while I'm talking on the phone?

Yes. Simple Ear® is designed for use with both cell phones and traditional home phones without feedback or discomfort. In fact, some Simple Ear® products have modes specifically optimized for use on phones.

Are Simple Ear® devices waterproof?

No. You should take your hearing devices off whenever you’re in a wet environment, like swimming, showering, or in very humid environments like a sauna.

I hear speech fine, but I have difficulty hearing lower-frequency sounds, like the bass in music. Will Simple Ear® help?

No. If you have difficulty hearing lower-frequency sounds, you should seek the advice of a medical or hearing professional. Simple Ear® is designed to help hear higher-frequency sounds, such as speech or birds chirping, more clearly.

Does one size fit all?

All Simple Ear® products feature a ready-made size/design that should fit most adult ears. For those using "Behind the Ear" units, medium tubes and tips fit most people.  If you should need a longer tube or a shorter tube, or a bigger or smaller eartip, we will be happy to assist you.

Do these devices come with a manufacturer’s warranty?

Yes, all Simple Ear® devices come with a 1-year limited warranty. Simple Ear® will provide repair or replacement free of charge for one year from the date of purchase on material failures or manufacturing defects. This warranty specifically excludes physical damage: If your dog chews the device up, we can't be responsible.  Also exempt from warranty are limited-life consumable component subject to normal wear and tear, e.g. tubes, eartips, batteries and other accessories.  If your device should fail you during the warranty period, simply mail it back to us and we'll take care of it for you.   Note:  On "Behind the Ear" units, be sure to clean the tubes with the cleaning wire weekly to keep it free from wax.  Wax may be moist and clear colored and difficult to see.  Wax can plug up hearing devices and greatly reduce their effectiveness.

How do I store my Simple Ear® when I am not wearing it?

Keep your hearing device in a safe and dry location preferably in the carrying and storage box provided or in a NeutronicEar DryCaddy (which we sell as an optional accessory). Turn the unit off by opening the battery door when you are not using it to extend the life of your battery. Keep it away from children and pets.


Operational Questions

Why does feedback (whistling) occur and how can it be stopped?

All Simple Ear® devices are designed with anti-feedback digital processing.  However, feedback can still occur.  This happens when a significant amount of sound travels from a device's speaker back to its microphone. In most cases the primary cause is a loose fit in the ear canal, the device sitting too high or low behind the ear, or the volume being turned up too loud. To address a loose fit, make sure it is inserted all the way into the ear canal.  This creates a seal in the ear canal and ensures quality sound.

One exception is the Simple Ear® Lunate.  It is an "open fit" device and is designed to fit loosely in the ear canal; it has very sophisticated anti-feedback circuitry that allows it to fit loosely in the ear canal and still not whistle.

What if my unit stops working?

Check the battery. Make sure the battery is not dead and that it is inserted correctly. You should not have to force the battery door shut.  Also, once the door is closed, the battery should not be visible. To change the battery, follow the instructions in the User Guide included with your order.

What if I have changed the battery and my unit still doesn't work well?

If you have a "Behind the Ear" unit, check the sound tube. Please be advised that, while the tubes can be bent and molded to fit around your ear, the sound tube should not be twisted. Also, heavy ear wax buildup can cause a blockage in the tube restricting the flow of sound giving you the impression that the unit has stopped working.  If the tube is too badly plugged, you may have to replace it.

What sizes of batteries do Simple Ear® devices use?

The Pert and Lunate take size 10 batteries.  The Sleuth takes size 13 batteries.  The Elan and Elan Custom take size 312 batteries.  We sell batteries, but they are also widely available at drugstores, big box stores, and battery stores and they are not very expensive.

Why is my hearing device beeping randomly?

You are hearing the battery warning signal letting you know that the battery is running low and you will soon need to change the battery. See operating instructions for in depth instructions on how to replace the battery.

Why didn’t the first battery that came installed in the unit last as long as the other batteries?

The battery that comes shipped in the unit is a display battery and is meant to show you the proper way to install the batteries. Do not be discouraged if it only lasts a few hours.

How long do the batteries last?

This varies depending on how you use them and if you open battery door each night when you are not using your device.  Size 13 and size 312 batteries might last nearly two weeks.  Because they are so small, size 10 batteries will not last as long, probably only several days.

I installed a new battery and my device doesn't work.  It did work before I changed batteries.  What's wrong?

The batteries used in hearing devices are "zinc-air" batteries; they produce electricity when oxygen in the air reacts with zinc.  These batteries may take up to 2 minutes to fully air activate when the tab is removed. Check to make sure no adhesive is remaining on the battery, blocking the activation holes. Rub the battery on the flat side with your finger to remove the any debris and activation should occur.