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Frequently Asked Questions

General Product Question

What is a Simple Ear hearing device?

Simple Ear products are high quality digital personal sound devices that makes speech frequencies louder and clearer while reducing background noise. No prescription is needed and no adjustments required. They are pre-programmed to help 85% + users hear better.

What does it do?

Simple Ear products help you hear more clearly in certain situations where environmental noise might interfere, such as meetings, restaurant conversations, worship services, or at the movies.

How are these programmed to my hearing?

Our devices are made with digital software that are set to amplify sound frequencies that most need amplification for people. The advanced circuitry analyses all sounds and only amplifies the soft sounds which are most difficult to hear. You choose from preset modes and then have a manual volume control to change the levels until comfortable.

Is this product a hearing aid?

Technically, Simple Ear is considered a Persona Sound Amplification Product (PSAP).  PSAPs are not hearing aids that require a prescription. Simple Ear is manufactured to improve hearing in certain situations, but not meant to restore hearing that has been lost. PSAPs are analogous to reading glasses versus prescription eyeglasses 
- reading glasses help people see better in situations, Simple Ear helps most people hear better in situations.

Do I need a prescription for Simple Ear hearing device?

No. Simple Ear is available without a prescription and is ready to use immediately out of the box. However, if you feel you're experiencing severe hearing problems or loss, you should seek the advice of a medical or hearing professional.

Will it damage my hearing?

It doesn’t amplify to a dangerous level. Our focus is on improving the customer’s hearing in certain situations. Simple Ear is a solution to a wide variety of hearing needs. If the sound is too loud, simply turn it down.

In what kinds of situations should I NOT use Simple Ear products?

Do not use Simple Ear during prolonged exposure to loud noises, like lawnmowers, motorcycles, hunting or using loud heavy industrial machinery.  Use protective hearing products in these situations.

Can I wear it while I'm talking on the phone?

Yes. Simple Ear is designed for use with both cell phones and traditional home phones without feedback or discomfort. Simple Ear Advanced product has a mode specifically designed for use on the telephone.

Is Simple Ear earpiece waterproof?

No. You should take the earpiece off whenever you’re in a wet environment, like swimming, showering, or in very humid environments like a sauna.

I hear speech fine, but I have difficulty hearing lower-frequency sounds, like the bass in music. Will Simple Ear help?

No. You should seek the advice of a medical or hearing professional. Simple Ear is designed to help you hear higher-frequency sounds, such as speech, more clearly. It has an “open-fit” design, which allows low frequencies to enter the ear naturally, without amplification.

How can one size fit all?

All Simple Ear products feature a ready-made size/design that should fit most adult ears. The Power Up Comfort eartip is designed to fit snug in most ears.

Does the device come with a manufacturer’s warranty?

Yes the product comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Simple Ear will provide repair or replacement free of charge for one year from the date of purchase on material (failures) or manufacturing failures. Exempt from warranty are limited-life consumable component subject to normal wear and tear, e.g. tubes, eartips, batteries and other accessories.  Simple mail it back to us and we'll take care of it for you.   Note:  Be sure to clean your tubes with the cleaning string weekly to keep it free from wax.  Wax may be moist and clear colored and difficult to see.  Wax will destroy the digital software.  You are responsible clean your hearing device tubes and change the wax guards on the Premium unit to keep your device working properly for you.

Where are the parts and the unit made (i.e. where is it manufactured)?

The parts are purchased from world-class electronics manufacturers that operate in worldwide and have facilities in the United States. Design, engineering and assembly occurs in the United States.

What is the average lifespan for the hearing device?

It depends on how it is used and maintained but the average lifespan for Simple Ear hearing devices is 3-6 years.

How do I store my Simple Ear when I am not wearing it?

Keep your hearing device in a safe and dry location preferably in the carrying and storage box provided. Turn the unit off by opening the battery door when you are not using it to extend the life of your battery and allow any moisture to dry out at night. Keep it away from children and pets.

Is Simple Ear covered by insurance?

Simple Ear is technically a Personal Sound Amplifier Product.  No prescription is required and no fitting is needed.  They are not  covered by insurance. Insurance for hearing aids varies by company, policy and location.  Some will cover certain costs periodically; most don't cover any costs.  Please check with your insurance carrier for any questions related to coverage.

Operational Questions

Why does feedback (whistling) occur and how can it be stopped?

Feedback is the result of sound traveling back to the microphone. The primary cause is a loose fit in the ear canal, the device sitting too high or low behind the ear or the volume may be turned up too loud. To address a loose fit, make sure it is inserted all the way into your ear canal as instructed, this creates a seal in your ear canal and ensures quality sound.

What if my unit stops working?

Check the battery. Make sure the battery is not dead and it is inserted correctly. You should not have to force the battery door shut and once closed the battery should not be exposed. To change the battery follow the instructions in the User Guide included with your order.

What if my unit stops working after changing the battery several times?

Check the sound tube if you have the Simple Ear Basic or Advanced units. Please be advised that the tubes can be bent and molded to fit around your ear; however the sound tube should not be twisted. Heavy ear wax buildup can cause a blockage in the tube restricting the flow of sound giving you the impression that the unit has stopped working. To test if there is a problem with the sound tube follow these simple steps for the Simple Ear Basic model: With a new battery already installed remove the tube by unscrewing counter-clockwise, turn the volume to the maximum (clockwise), and place the unit in the palm of your hand. Carefully close your hand around the device and you should hear the device whistle or give off feedback. If the unit is working then just simply replace the tube. If the device is not giving off any sound call Customer Service for further help.

Battery Questions

What kinds of batteries does the earpiece use?

The Simple Ear Basic and Advanced devices use a standard A312 battery. The in the ear Simple Ear Premium device uses a battery size 10A.

Why is my hearing device beeping randomly?

You are hearing the battery warning signal letting you know that the battery is running low and you will soon need to change the battery. See operating instructions for in depth instructions on how to replace the battery.

Why didn’t the first battery that came installed in the unit last as long as the other batteries?

The battery that comes shipped in the unit is a display battery and is meant to show you the proper way to install the batteries. Do not be discouraged if it only lasts a few hours.

Will I know how to change the battery?

The battery fits only one way. Correct placement is photo illustrated in the Operating Instructions.

Can I purchase batteries at my local drug store?

The batteries are very common and are available at any of your local drug stores and other retailers. We sell batteries at at a very competitive price. Check out batteries in our product selection.

How much do the batteries cost?

Batteries are not expensive. Batteries at are $19.99 for 24 batteries (4 packages of 6 cells each). They are about $0.83 per battery.

How long do the batteries last?

The size A312 batteries last approximately 150-200 hours. If you wore them 8 hours a day, that would approximately 2+ weeks. 10A batteries last 75 to 100 hours. At 8 hours per day use, that would be 9-12 days. The following conditions could reduce the life of your battery life if the device is:

  • Used in noisy environments
  • Operated with the volume at high levels
  • Has debris or wax build up in the sound outlet or microphone opening
  • Not turned off when not in use
  • Operated with continuous feedback (whistling) or in any condition which makes the electronics work harder

I put a new battery in and it doesn't work--it did before the old battery died, what's wrong?

The batteries may take up to 2 minutes to fully air activate when the tab is removed. Check to make sure no adhesive is remaining on the battery blocking the activation holes. Rub the battery on the flat side with your finger to remove the any debris and activation should occur. Also make sure wax is not blocking the end of the sound tube and tip.

At time of arrival, or if found defective within trial period, the product will be replaced at no cost to you,.  The shipping costs to replace the defective product will be incurred by Simple Ear.