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If you need a mild or moderate boost in your hearing, try Simple Ear® hearing devices risk free for 60 days.

Simple Ear will not work for you if...

If you have or think you may have any one of the following symptoms, do not use Simple Ear or any hearing device until you have consulted a physician:
  • History of excessive wax build-up
  • Pain or discomfort in the ear
  • Fluid or drainage from the ear within the past 90 days
  • Ear canal blockage, a lasting ear infection, or a plugged up fullness feeling
  • Visible deformity of the ear
  • Sudden, rapidly progressing, or fluctuating hearing loss within past 90 days
  • Chronic difficulty hearing
  • Ringing in only one ear
  • Hearing loss only in one ear that has worsened in the past 90 days
  • Spells of acute or chronic dizziness

If you or your loved one has a healthy ear and needs a boost, get shopping now.

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*Test was developed and copyrighted by Stéphane Pigeon, Ph.D. at Used by permission.

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