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Hearing Test Step 3

Step #3: Review your personal audiogram

  • Your personal hearing thresholds should now appear on the audiogram on the right side of this page.

  • The audiogram plots the softest sound you can hear across the different frequencies tested.

  • If you fall in the mild to moderate hearing loss ranges, you are an excellent candidate for Simple Ear® hearing devices which will provide you a boost in your hearing.

Now See Where you Fall on the Speech Banana

  • Click this → Overlay link to superimpose additional information on to your audiogram.

    This first overlay outlines the area related to conversational speech. It is in the shape of a banana and is often referred to as the “speech banana.” (See the yellow overlay area.) Vowels are located on the left side of the banana, and consonants are to the right . Remember, all the sounds located above your individual hearing thresholds will be inaudible to you. If your personal markers are located inside (or worse, below) the speech banana toward the bottom of the graph, it means that your hearing will be missing part of the conversation, requiring your brain to compensate for this deficiency, by guessing words, for example.

    The second → Overlay depicts some familiar sounds of our everyday life, such as rustling leaves, birds chirping, water dripping, conversation and other common sounds. Simple Ear is designed to give you a mild to moderate boost in your hearing. If you need a severe boost in your hearing, see an audiologist.