How to Shop

Selecting the Right Hearing Device for YOU!

Some like burgers.  Others like salads.  And steak and potatoes fans abound.  But despite varying preferences, quality matters.  A soggy, half-cooked burger is lousy by anyone's standards.

But price and quality are not the same thing.  And people mark cheap crap way up, hoping customers will assume the high price implies quality.

There is also the issue of "need" versus "greed."  You may only need a compact car like the Chevy Cruze, but you may want a sports car like the Porsche 911 Carrera S.  The difference is about $100,000, but why quibble?

What about "complexity" versus "simplicity"?  The issue here is one's frame of reference.  Take an iPhone.  Looking at its innards and its software, it is an extremely complex piece of equipment.  But an iPhone is pretty easy to use.  The internal complexity is harnessed to make the user experience simple.  Harnessing complexity to achieve simplicity is the height of sophistication. 

Hearing devices are not so different from meals and wheels.  Here are four basic rules:

1)         Preference matters.  What is right for one person may not be right for another.

2)         Quality counts.  Design, reliability, functionality: these are components of quality.

3)         Get what you need.  Unless money is no problem, focus on basic functionality, not bells and whistles that add to the cost.

4)         Think simple.  Simple to use is good.  Make sure any complexity is hidden "under the hood."

These principles have informed the creation of the Simple Ear® lineup of hearing devices.  We hope you will agree and select the Simple Ear® best attuned to your personal preference.