Problem: No sound or not loud enough

Solution: Make sure the battery door is closed and the power is "On". If you are still experiencing challenges, try replacing your battery. Next, try turning up the volume. For "Behind the Ear" units, check for wax build-up in the tube and clean the tube if necessary.


Problem: Whistling or feedback

Solution: For "In the Canal" units make sure the unit is snug in the ear. For "Behind the Ear" units make sure the eartip is snug in the ear. Next, decrease the volume. Finally, check for wax build-up and clean the device.

Problem: Intermittent (off & on) or distorted sound

Solution: Check your battery, then check for wax build-up and clean the device.

Problem: Static

Solution: Move away from any electromagnetic devices such as digital or cellular telephones. The battery may be low or dead, or have poor contact, so check the battery along with any wax build-up and then clean the device.

Problem: Works for a while and then stops working

Solution: Check the battery, check for wax build-up and clean the device. Open your device to dry out any moisture (moisture is not visible to the naked eye). Your device may require service.

Problem: Battery door will not close

Solution: The battery may not be positioned correctly, so check for debris in the battery compartment.

Problem: Battery is stuck in device

Solution: A jammed battery may be removed by using a magnet, but be gentle! If the battery is rusted, make sure to use a magnet and then replace the battery.

Problem: Your device is beeping

Solution: Beeps usually indicate the battery is low. Replace the battery.