Warranty & Return Policy

Limited Warranty

Our objective is for you to be 100% satisfied with your Simple Ear®.

Simple Ear® will provide repair or replacement free of charge for one year from the date of purchase on device failures or manufacturing defects. Exempt from warranty are limited life components subject to normal wear and tear such as tubes, eartips, batteries and other accessories.

Any unauthorized repair will void the warranty. This warranty is void when damage incurred is due to physical damage of the unit or conditions beyond the control of Simple Ear® (e.g., exposure to water or heat, stepped on or crushed, animal bite damage). Excessive wax related repairs are not due to manufacturing defects and may be considered out of warranty due to customer neglect.

With proper care your device should provide years of use. We won’t leave you hanging though, should your device break after your one-year warranty period. You can mail us your device and for a fee we will clean and repair your device and give you a new one-year warranty. See Maintenance and Repairs of this website section for cost and details to repair your device.

Money-Back Guarantee and Return Policy

Try your new Simple Ear® for at least 30 days. Just like adjusting to new glasses, it takes your brain time to adjust to using a hearing device. Use it for a few hours at a time when you start using it. Call our customer service anytime if you have any questions or just need help operating your device. Simple Ear® devices are pre-programmed to effectively boost hearing for over 85% of users. Your device should last for years if you properly take of it.

If you are not happy with it for any reason, you can return it within 60 days from the date of purchase for a full refund. Here is what we ask of you, our customer:

Take Reasonable Care your product.

During the evaluation of the Simple Ear® hearing device, it is expected that you take reasonable care of the goods (as you would when examining the product in a store). The product must be returned with the original purchase receipt and complete original manufacturer's packaging (which shall not be defaced or damaged) complete with the hearing device with attached tube and eartip (for Basic and Advanced devices), unused batteries, protective carrying case, user guide, and maintenance guide.

Mail it back to us within 60 days of your purchase date.