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Don't just "get by" ...

Too many people just "get by" in everyday life and don't get the boost they need in everyday hard to hear situations.  Only 1 in 5 people that need help hearing actually use any device.  Simple Ear is the easy and affordable first step to get the boost you need in your hearing. 

Are you or someone in your family just "getting by" and not fully engaged in the conversation because they can't hear?  Do they crank up the volume on the TV?   Many of us wear “cheaters” for our eyes to help us read without any reservation but are afraid to get the boost we need in our ears to hear voices louder and clearer.  Simple Ear is like high quality "cheaters" for your ears.

We want to age gracefully, stay healthy, remain active and engage with people in our lives… spouse, kids, friends, co-workers and people we meet everyday.  Simple Ear is the affordable first step to get the boost in your hearing that you or family member needs and stay fully engaged in life.

So, why choose Simple Ear products? 

Simple Ear is committed to delivering a selection of the top-of-the-line quality hearing devices at an affordable price.  Simple Ear devices are:

  • High quality, pre-programmed digital hearing devices made in the USA that give you a boost in your hearing.  Simple Ear has a preset, locked prescription that works effectively for over 85% of people.
  • Affordable.  You will save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars versus prescription products. Simple Ear is  50-80% less than prescription products!   It's the pre-programming that makes Simple Ear more affordable and assessable.
  • Adjustable.  You can select the mode and control the volume.
  • Easy.  No Prescription is required and No Fitting is needed.  They are ready to use out of the box.
  • Nearly invisible.    Other people will hardly notice you are wearing a hearing device (especially with our Premium in-the-ear product) but they will notice you're back in the conversation.
  • No Risk.  Try them for a few weeks. Your brain will need some time to adjust to using any hearing device.  If they don't meet your needs, return them within 60 days for a full refund*.
  • 10% of our profits go to charity. 

We are dedicated to helping others

We are committed to be a company that gives back to others in need. As you help yourself and the ones you love get a boost in their hearing, you also help youth and families in need including those who are hearing impaired. We will give back 10% of our profits to charities. Look for periodic updates on how we together have invested in helping others.

Now is the time to find out what you're missing. Hear better and be your best.

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* Hearing device(s) and complete package (less batteries used) must be returned within 60-day period to qualify for refund.  You are only responsible for the return shipping.