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The Simple Ear® Basic is a Legacy Device, which means it is available but no longer being featured.  This does not mean it is not a great unit.  In fact, we keep such Legacy Devices available because some customers want to order units just like what they have had before and happy customers are important to us!

The Basic is a behind the ear unit and is aimed at the person looking for a quality unit but at a more affordable price. It is available only in beige

The Basic is pre-programmed for speech detection, amplification of soft sounds, and noise filtering.  It is perfect for situations where it is difficult to hear, such as in work meetings, listening to birds, watching TV or movies, out in social situations, or at family gatherings. The Basic model high definition digital sound processing enables you to hear high-pitched voices, such as women's and children's voices much better.


Made from high-end components the Basic model contains dynamic speech enhancement and adaptive feedback cancellation technology, and features two simple setting modes which are set by simply holding down the button on the top of the unit.

  • 1 beep = Quiet place (home, office, church)
  • 2 beeps = Noisy place (restaurant, theater, shopping mall)

You control and adjust the volume within each mode. With the water resistant microphone and the background noise filter, the Simple Ear® Basic will work in any situation. It is simple to operate and powered by replaceable and widely available A312 batteries which are included.

Purchase Includes

  • Simple Ear® Basic Hearing Device
  • Attached thin sound tube with a Power-up Comfort Tip
  • 4 pack of A312 batteries
  • Cleaning string
  • Small hard protective carrying case
  • Simple Ear® User Guide
  • Simple Ear® Maintenance Guide

Product Specifications

  • 100% Digital processing
  • Pre-programmed software set to be highly effective for over 85% of users
  • Amplification Up to 30 decibels (add Power Up Earhook accessory for up to 42 decibels)
  • Speech Enhancement
  • Omni-directional , water resistant Microphone
  • Two simple setting modes: 1 beep = Quiet Place; 2 beeps = Noisy Place
  • Manual Volume Control at each setting
  • Noise Reduction
  • Feedback Cancellation
  • Two Channel Processing
  • Total Harmonic Distortion < 3%
  • High Impact Protective Casing
  • Low Battery Warning (3 fast beeps let you know your battery is low)
  • Uses standard 312 Battery—good 150-200 hours
  • Made in the USA

Download User Guide

Download Maintenance Guide

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