Lunate, both ears

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The Lunate is a small "In the Ear" device.  It is also an "open-fit" unit, attractive to people who have difficulty with the "plugged ear" feeling.  Many older open-fit devices were plagued with serious feedback and whistling problems, but the Lunate has such powerful anti-feedback circuitry that this issue has been fully addressed.  This unit is called the Lunate because of its distinctive shape.  The word "lunate" means "C-shaped, and the Lunate's shape allows it to twist comfortably into bowl of the ear, with its speaker resting in the ear canal.

This product is only available in beige.

Includes Lunate devices with comfort tips, 8 batteries, cleaning brush, and instruction manual.

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For more information about using the Lunate, see the Lunate Manual under the menu "FAQ & More."