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Simple Ear Premium

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Simple Ear Premium is for the person who wants a boost in their hearing but doesn't want anyone to know they are wearing a hearing device.

Simple Ear Premium is the latest and greatest, high quality, in-the-ear digital personal hearing device that is nearly invisible.  It's ideal for the working professional or someone who does not want to be seen wearing a hearing device.  

If you need a boost in your hearing but don’t want to wear a behind the ear device, try this sleek pre-programmed unit. It will give you a boost in situations where it is difficult to hear, for example, talking with family, in a work meeting, listening to birds, watching TV or a movie, or out in social situations.  It’s discrete yet provides powerful, intelligent amplification making nature and human voices louder and clearer.

It has an open fit feel without the use of tubes and tips. Available in black and beige the Premium model is very discrete, looking like the shadow in your ear. Buy them individually for your left or right ear or purchase a pair for best hearing results. (You get $100 off when you buy a pair.)  No prescription is required and no fitting is necessary. Just use it right out of the box. It is a powerful, in-the-ear hearing device that is nearly invisible.


Simple Ear Premium is made from high-end components with dynamic speech enhancement and adaptive feedback cancellation technology. It has speech detection, amplification of soft sounds, and noise filtering to help you hear human voices clearly, especially if you are in a noisy place. It's high definition digital sound processing also enables you to hear high-pitched voices much better, such as women's and children's voices.

Simple Ear Premium has 4 Volume Settings to choose from, depending on the environment you are in:

1 Beep:  Quiet environment - perfect for watching TV at home, being outdoors or in a quiet indoor place.

2 Beeps:  Moderate noise environment - ideal for social settings like a church or at a restaurant.

3 Beeps:  Noisy environment - for those occasions where you want a microphone that amplifies voices, like at a loud restaurant or sports arena.

4 Beeps:  Noisy environment-- when you want the highest volume boost.

Change modes by simply tapping the outside of your ear; no one will even know you have it in your ear. It's simple to operate and powered by user-replaceable, A10 batteries included in your package.

Purchase Includes

  • Simple Ear Premium in the ear Hearing Device
  • 2 extra retention rings to be sure you get a perfect fit
  • 6 pack of A10 batteries
  • Wax guard kit; (to keep wax out of the device)
  • Small hard protective carrying case
  • Simple Ear User Guide
  • Simple Ear Maintenance Guide

Product Specifications

  • 100% Digital Processing
  • Pre-programmed software set to be highly effective for over 85% of users
  • Reliable, quality sound - amplification up to 32 decibels
  • Dynamic Speech Enhancement - hear voices louder and clearer
  • 4 Simple Volume Settings you adjust for your situation
  • Setting modes adjusted by simply tapping your ear—no one will even know!
  • Noise Reduction - filters out background noise
  • Anti-Whistle Technology
  • Total Harmonic Distortion < 3%
  • In the ear model; discreet and comfortable – universal fit
  • High Impact Protective Casing
  • Low battery warning (3 fast beeps let you know your battery is low)
  • Uses standard 10A battery—good 75-100 hours
  • Water resistant microphone
  • 1 year warranty
  • Made in the USA

Download User Guide

Download Maintenance Guide


* Hearing device(s) and complete package (less batteries used) must be returned within 60-day period to qualify for refund.  You are only responsible for the return shipping.

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